To the Editor: New generation continuing old traditions

by Danae McGarvin, Diamond D Images

One of my favorite things about being apart of the ranching community is seeing the next generation embracing the way of life. To them, it’s normal and it is all they have known. They just want to be like the influences in their lives, and there is something so refreshing about that innocence.

This is Elijah DeWitt, an 11 year old cowboy that I got to photograph last year. I smiled with every photo I captured of every loop this guy threw. If you want to talk about a handy kid, Elijah is the real deal. Better in the branding pen than a lot of adults I’ve met, and myself included, his demeanor impressed me. Every time he entered the branding pen, he was calm, collected, focused, patient, and aware of his surroundings, which is pretty impressive if you ask me. Elijah has been roping with his dad, Wayne DeWitt for three years, and it’s very obvious that he has a great teacher. 

I sure hope I get the opportunity to photograph Elijah again, and I look forward to seeing more of the next generation continuing old traditions.

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