Homegrown For America

By Lana Randall -

Ranchers and Farmers have faced a multitude of tough times throughout history. Our roles in agriculture can be hard, thankless and unrewarding at times. Now during this recent devastating period of economic meltdown due to an epidemic has caused undesirable hardships to millions in the Western world. Explanations of COVID origin and movements are hotly debated but during it all the producers are still hard at work trying to feed America. We continue to work day in and day out to ensure America has food on their tables.

For many urban residents they considered themselves food secure, able to access and afford the food they want and need 24/7 but due to the Coronavirus that security has been brought to a pause. People are just paranoid about going to supermarkets, so now consumers are finding a reason and a means to keep their purchases closer to home and are gaining a new appreciation for our agricultural producers. There is a true sense of safety knowing where your food comes from. When you serve a meal to your family you can be proud that they are eating some of the best products. Locally raised meat and homegrown produce is fresh, delicious and reflects the truest flavors.

Homegrown for you America!

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