• Jolene Hamilton

Back in the saddle: FRC safely rides out pandemic

Safety and good horsemanship go hand in hand, and last Sunday was no exception for the Fowler Roping Club committee.

After a few postponements caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, ropers and kids of all ages were able to saddle up with Otero County health officials' blessing.

According to FRC President Bob Bamber, the committee decided early on that it was in everyone's best interest to get clearance from city and county health officials.

FRC officer Jill Taylor was instrumental in establishing FRC social distancing guidelines and getting the county's go-ahead.

Some of the precautions set in place by the club is a hand sanitizing station near the arena entrance, enforced posted CDC guidelines, and modified formats to ensure communal space.

"We look forward to getting everything back to normal, but for now, we will do everything we can to ride out this pandemic while keeping everyone safe," said Taylor. "We would like to thank Fowler city and Otero County officials for directing us through all of the rules and mandates."

The FRC Spring Series will happen every Sunday until July 19, excluding July 5. Club event organizers will continue to monitor COVID-19 guidelines and work closely with health officials.

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